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NFC tag manufacturer SZYXIOT analyzes the anti-counterfeiting advantages of NFC electric toothbrushes and consumables

The emergence of NFC electric toothbrushes and anti-counterfeiting labels for consumables can effectively prevent counterfeiting, traceability, supervision, anti-smuggling, and anti-tampering products, and improve consumer experience. When consumers use electric toothbrush products, they can touch and check the records of the product from production to terminal store sales, and can view the detailed information of electric toothbrushes. sex. So what are the advantages of NFC electric toothbrush and consumables anti-counterfeiting? What is the specific anti-counterfeiting process? Come and learn about it with the NFC tag manufacturer SZYXIOT editor!
With people's pursuit of high-quality life, various anti-theft commodity systems have been gradually improved, so that the anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft supervision of items has been qualitatively improved. It can realize the monitoring of product circulation management, transportation and sales, so as to avoid the occurrence of pirated goods by dealers. The anti-counterfeiting technology is combined with the anti-tampering system. When consumers scan the code to check the authenticity, the brand manufacturer can judge whether the product has escaped according to the place where the consumer scans the code, and supervise the management of the logistics and transportation stage.
NFC anti-counterfeiting query system is a new generation of IoT anti-counterfeiting third-party platform integrating cloud computing, cloud storage, NFC and mobile Internet. The NFC anti-counterfeiting query system is mainly composed of 4 parts: NFC anti-counterfeiting label, NFC reader, data center, and mobile APP. After years of NFC technology accumulation, R&D, and production, SZYXIOT Technology has accumulated rich experience in the production of NFC products. SZYXIOT can provide anti-counterfeiting verification solutions for NFC electric toothbrushes and toothbrush brush head consumables. The specific anti-counterfeiting process is as follows:
1. NFC anti-counterfeiting labels, each label has a global chip serial number, which cannot be copied. Paste the NFC anti-counterfeiting label on the seal or the back of the electric toothbrush or brush head packaging box, or customize the anti-transfer and fragile NFC label;
2. NFC reader chip, which can provide the reader chip integrated host circuit board solution, integrate the NFC reader chip on the electric toothbrush host circuit board, and the electric toothbrush and toothbrush consumables manufacturers and customers log in to the PC terminal to operate the background and connect to the NFC The read-write chip can write the relevant information of the product into the NFC anti-counterfeiting label, and read the anti-counterfeiting label at the reader chip for verification, which can verify and identify the authenticity of the brush head in real time, and the counterfeit brush head can be alerted;
3. The data center stores various information of electric toothbrushes and brush head products. When checking the authenticity of the products through the mobile phone APP, the product information in the NFC anti-counterfeiting label can be read;
3. The mobile APP, as the channel connecting the data center and the NFC anti-counterfeiting label, gives the final consumer a new anti-counterfeiting query experience: the mobile phone (mobile phone with NFC function) opens the customized NFC anti-counterfeiting query APP or cloud platform, connects to the network, touches the As soon as you touch the electric toothbrush or brush head consumables with the NFC anti-counterfeiting label, you can immediately know the authenticity of the product.
As mentioned above, in the anti-counterfeiting process of electric toothbrushes and brush head consumables, the effective combination of NFC electric toothbrush anti-counterfeiting labels, read-write modules, data centers and mobile APPs allows consumers to quickly purchase electric toothbrushes and brush head items. Verify the authenticity of electric toothbrush and brush head products, crack down on imitation and fake products, improve customer experience, and protect the brand rights of electric toothbrush and consumable manufacturers; More NFC anti-counterfeiting tags, NFC reader chips, NFC anti-counterfeiting related technical exchanges, welcome to pay attention to SZYXIOT technical exchanges.


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