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The important role and classification of RFID technology in intelligent transportation

After the popularization of network applications, with its diversified and intelligent development, it has spread to all walks of life. The new model of "Internet +" has also developed rapidly in recent years, and the application of this type of combination of the Internet and some other technologies or industries is also becoming more and more extensive and more and more. For example, Internet plus transportation, which is the word intelligent transportation that netizens often say now. This location-aware technology in intelligent transportation is also widely used.
There are two main types of this technology at present. One is to determine the latitude and longitude of the current vehicle through a measurement method on the basis of satellite communication positioning. Then deploy a small instrument on this vehicle that receives the signal. And every once in a while, the specific coordinates of the car will be recorded, coupled with the application of this electronic map, the speed, route and other conditions of the car can be measured.
These data can be calculated accurately. And this satellite communication positioning is the positioning system that netizens often say. The United States uses the GPS positioning system, while China uses the Beidou positioning system. They work on this reference signal from satellites orbiting the Earth. These positioning systems have an instrument called a receiver that is used to receive this signal. However, the receiver needs to receive more than four signals at the same time before it can determine the current specific position of the vehicle through the measurement method.
Another type of location-aware technology works in conjunction with cellular base stations. The basic principle of this technology is to obtain the relevant data and information by locating the mobile terminal. There are two approaches to this technique. One is to use the already known location of the cellular base station to locate the mobile terminal. That is to say, the specific position of the vehicle is determined according to the arrival time of the radio waves of the signal, the arrival time difference and the GPS technology.
Another method is based on the forward and backward switching of the cellular base station. Because these mobile terminals are constantly moving, they will constantly switch to other cellular base stations to ensure the quality and speed of the network signal. Therefore, a mobile terminal driving on the road will correspond to a relatively stable switching sequence. Through the constant switching data of all users collected on the cellular base station, the traffic information or some conditions of these vehicles can be accurately calculated.
So how to convert these electronic data into more general and clearer specific information? It is the use of RFID radio frequency identification technology. Radio Frequency Identification can also be said to be RFID. It automatically recognizes and analyzes the relevant data or relevant information of the target object through the transmitted frequency signal. The relevant staff do not need to intervene. With the continuous improvement of the Internet of Things industry, RFID electronic tags suitable for different application scenarios can meet the needs of various use scenarios, and are widely used in transportation consumption payment, parking lot management, anti-counterfeiting traceability, personnel management, etc.
In addition, RFID technology can also be used to identify some objects with higher speed. That is, some other common technologies cannot obtain relevant information. The RFID technology can do it, and it can identify many target objects at the same time. More importantly, the use of this technology is not complicated at all, and it is very convenient and fast. The RFID system is composed of a tag reader and an RFID antenna. From the above explanation, RFID technology has broad application prospects. It may be used in many fields, such as logistics and warehousing, medical field, manufacturing field, transportation vehicle management, consumer payment and so on.
RFID technology has made great progress because of its good anti-counterfeiting property. At the same time, it is also widely used in how to identify and manage vehicles. It is very likely that this technology can also be applied in some relatively common and backward cities in the future.


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