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RFID smart cabinets are widely recognized, driving the rapid development of the RFID Label market

With the demand for unmanned retail, intelligent inventory, intelligent management, anti-counterfeiting and other related applications in recent years, the application of RFID smart cabinets has also moved to a more grounded scene, and new types of RFID intelligence with different types and functions have appeared. cabinet. Such as: industrial equipment management cabinet; smart books, archives, filing cabinets; hazardous chemicals and reagent management cabinets; toxic and narcotic medicine cabinets; medical consumables cabinets; precious metal intelligent management cabinets; key intelligent management cabinets, etc. The widespread recognition of RFID smart cabinets has also driven the rapid development of the RFID electronic label market.
YX IOT Technology, as a manufacturer of RFID electronic tags, a downstream supporting product of RFID smart cabinets, has also developed a series of RFID high-frequency, ultra-high-frequency electronic tags and anti-metal tags suitable for various application environments to meet the needs of market development. Printed tags, micro electronic tags, embedded anti-counterfeiting modules, NFC anti-counterfeiting tags, RFID flashing light finder tags, etc. So in practical applications, how do RFID smart cabinets and RFID electronic tags perform intelligent management?

RFID flashing light finder tag
Take the tool management cabinet as an example. By binding passive RFID electronic tags and tool information, each tool has a unique identification. When the tool is used or returned, the authority is managed through the APP software and the door is opened, and the person responsible for the use is recorded , After closing the door, the cabinet will automatically count and record the quantity and type of tools used.
Application fields: Widely used in the management of tools and instruments in electric power, rail transit, aviation, maintenance plants, mining stations, etc. Such as: the management of maintenance tools, measuring instruments, meters and other appliances used for rail transit; the management of electric power sticks, measuring instruments, protective caps and protective gloves and other appliances.
When RFID smart cabinets are used in the book archive industry, they are mostly used in 24-hour book cabinets, 24-hour pre-lending book cabinets, smart file cabinets, smart file cabinets and other fields. The use of high-frequency and ultra-high frequency RFID radio frequency technology realizes the precise management of the borrowing and returning of books and archives. Books can be borrowed and returned in scenarios such as bookstores, supermarket stores, and community cultural centers. It is suitable for business buildings, group companies, enterprise units, libraries, archives and other places that need to store documents and transfer documents. It can realize the functions of real-time inventory of archives, intelligent access, cell port positioning instructions, real-time search, language broadcast, and abnormal prompts. It supports multi-tag reading, optional face recognition, one-dimensional code scanning, ID card, reader card and other electronic access and use, which greatly facilitates readers' borrowing and returning.
RFID smart cabinet equipment supports network port communication, and can expand multiple communication methods such as WiFi and 4G. It is mainly used for book pre-borrowing. The staff in the library put the books in the cabinet door and close the door. Readers can use the reader ID, ID card, etc. to pre-borrow the book. The data can be recorded in the background through the network in real time. The cells in the cabinet can independently scan and count the books and archives pasted with RFID tags, and integrate the advantages of light control and lighting in the cell cabinet, and the location of the cell indicator flashing light to find objects, etc., for the staff to check the archives and documents. The location search improves the management efficiency of archive files.
For more information about RFID smart cabinets, RFID book file search tags, RFID flashing light search tags, etc., welcome to pay attention to YX IOT technology exchanges.


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