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Do you know about NFC smart bracelet tags? NFC tag manufacturers analyze for you

NFC smart watch is a popular electronic product in recent years. With the rapid development of smart wearable devices such as smart phones and watches, cashless payment has become a daily application in many people's lives, and it has also prompted a large number of companies to get involved in smart wearables. equipment field. With a mature NFC smart bracelet label solution, the product has a variety of products and a full range of sizes, and is widely used in the field of NFC consumer electronics. So, do you know about NFC smart bracelet tags? Let's analyze the practical application of NFC smart bracelet tags with NFC tag manufacturers SZYXIOT.
With the popularization of NFC technology, driven by UnionPay and mobile phone manufacturers, there are more and more POSE terminals supporting NFC payment in China. NFC technology has been widely used in social sharing, single product anti-counterfeiting, cashless payment, etc. Applications in life have become more frequent, and NFC mobile payment already has a good market environment. Using smart wearable devices such as smart watches, smart bracelets, children's watches and other smart wearable devices for NFC payment is more convenient than mobile payment, and it is very convenient and fast. For example, when taking the subway, traditional payment needs to be swiped by card or mobile phone, and the card and mobile phone are generally in the passenger's bag or clothes pocket, and it is cumbersome to take out. The smart watch is directly worn on the wrist. As long as the watch is close to the credit card machine, you can take the subway, which is very convenient.
The On-metal NFC tag is attached to the back of the smart watch display for built-in use, and it can be used to write URLs, electronic business cards, social accounts, payment accounts, etc., so as to open URLs or related applications with a single touch.
At the same time, after adding the NFC function, wearable devices such as smart watches can more conveniently and quickly achieve NFC fast pairing with mobile phones. Using the NFC anti-metal smart watch tag of 18*18mm with SZYXIOT has also become a must-have choice for fashion people to use the NFC tag with the smart watch.
In the new product promotion of NFC smart watch tag "Help Campus Admissions Season", a variety of sizes can be used for different watch installations, accept customization, high flexibility in source factory processing, good metal resistance, high tag reading sensitivity, can be used for Payment, access control, product anti-counterfeiting traceability, etc.


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