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What are the Strengths and weaknesses of traditional scenic tickets and rfid anti-counterfeiting tickets?

In recent years, with the increase of multiple needs such as modern management and personnel prevention and control, traditional manual ticket sales, ticket inspection, and statistics can no longer meet the management needs of major scenic spots. In order to further enrich tourism services, improve tourism service levels and service grades, advanced computer management methods and channel control technologies are used, through the use of rfid anti-counterfeiting electronic ticketing combined with the installation of access control management systems at each entrance, and the installation of supporting facilities at the ticket offices of various attractions, The establishment of settlement summary, etc., to achieve computer real-time ticket sales, ticket inspection, query, summary, statistics, report and other ticket control and real-time monitoring and management functions of the whole process. It is the guarantee of investment income and is of great significance. It is generally welcomed by scenic spots.
So what are the disadvantages of traditional tickets? What are the advantages of RFID anti-counterfeiting electronic tickets? The following is a detailed understanding of the RFID anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers :
Traditional paper tickets usually have the following disadvantages:
(1) It is easy to print fake tickets.
(2) Unable to review and proofread.
(3) The error rate is high.
(4) Statistics, analysis, inaccurate and untimely.
(5) A lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources were wasted.
(6) It is easy to see the loss of tickets such as difficulty in paying the ticket price or using the ticket price to offset the arrears.
(7) It is not easy to alleviate the environmental protection pressure caused by guests in the core scenic area.

rfid anti-counterfeiting tickets
Compared with traditional paper tickets, RFID anti-counterfeiting electronic tickets have the following advantages:
1. It is a practical measure to shape the new image of the scenic spot. The hardware construction conforms to the trend of modernization, and the software environment is integrated with the taste of the metropolis.
2. Recognizing tickets without recognizing people is a means of strict management and plugging loopholes, thereby reducing losses caused by various losses of tickets. Money income is included in computer management, with daily reports and monthly summary; the equipment checking and manual tearing are in sharp contrast, giving people a sense of modern management internally and externally. Therefore, the computer system investment is not only the management cost, but also the operation investment, which is no less than the high return investment.
According to the statistics of the application unit, the ticket revenue generally has a loss of 15%-20%. The annual passenger flow is 1 million people, and the average ticket price is 30 yuan. The expected benefit of plugging the loopholes is 10% per year, which is 3 million. Yuan income.
3. The advantage of computer management lies in the design rules, the constantly changing rules, and the new ticket design schemes such as export tickets and gift tickets in the marketing project, which can all be changed according to the circumstances. One instruction is unified in the overall situation. This is the paper ticket system cannot adapt.

rfid anti-counterfeiting electronic tags
Features of anti-counterfeiting e-tickets:
Tickets use PVC induction cards/tags, disposable PVC cloth rope wristbands, etc. There is one ticket for each tourist, and the ticket is collected by the tourist after entering the door. The financial or tax supervision stamp is printed on the ticket, which can be used as a reimbursement voucher, which can be printed and printed to meet the personalized and customized needs of various groups.
Anti-counterfeiting of tickets: When selling tickets, write the ticket information into the proximity card/rfid tag, cloth rope wristband, and write it into the database. When the ticket is swiped at the ticket gate, the data is called from the database for verification. If it is qualified, it will pass. The system will automatically record the time of entry, and transfer this piece of data into the backup database. All tickets are invalid without on-site writing or reading verification, and have a strong anti-counterfeiting function. For more RFID anti-counterfeiting tags, NFC anti-counterfeiting tags and other related introductions, Welcome to follow YX IOT technical exchanges.


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