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Shenzhen YX IOTRFID tag new factory passed customer audit

It has been several months since the Shenzhen Core IoT RFID Tag Division moved to the new factory in the Longhua District Semiconductor Industrial Park. The head office, branch business personnel and new and old customers came to the new factory to visit and study and train, and many project customers came to the factory to review production and so on.
In mid-April, RFID project customers came to the factory to visit and review the new YXIOT factory. Under the leadership of the business personnel and the person in charge, the factory inspection team visited the packaging workshop, compounding workshop, punching and testing workshop, etc. of the new RFID label factory, and learned about the production and shipment of RFID labels in detail. Afterwards, the audit team came to the conference room of the new factory to discuss solutions for practical application scenarios of RFID tags.

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Shenzhen YXIOT Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise invested and established by RZX Technology, focusing on Internet of Things RFID radio frequency technology. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of RFID electronic tags, as well as corresponding solutions. The company has production bases in Shenzhen and Yichang, Hubei, with dozens of electronic label packaging, lamination, lamination, and die-cutting equipment, with an annual output of hundreds of millions of labels.
At present, YX IoT's RFID label products include RFID high-frequency book labels, NFC white labels, color labels, NFC anti-counterfeiting labels, UHF jewelry labels, test tube labels, tamper-proof labels, flexible anti-metal labels, asset management labels, FPC labels, washing labels , Special Label and other companies have enterprise testing laboratories, which have been equipped with the Tagformance Lite testing system of Finland Voyantic, microwave anechoic chamber, high and low temperature impact tester, salt spray test machine, high temperature and high humidity test machine, abrasion resistance test, initial adhesion And a series of test equipment such as durability test and shear force test to ensure the quality of each product delivered to the user.
Shenzhen YXIOT continues to innovate, takes practically meeting customer needs as its own responsibility, cooperates for win-win results, creates more application scenarios suitable for RFID technology, assists customers in intelligent management, and reflects the value of big data. Contribute more to promoting the development of the Internet of Things industry.


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