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YX IOT's NFC anti-counterfeiting traceable label appeared at the Shanghai Internet of Things Exhibition

The three-day (April 21 to April 23) IOTE 2021 15th International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shanghai Station (abbreviated as: Shanghai Internet of Things Exhibition) opened today at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Shenzhen branch and head office RZX Technology jointly participated in the IoT exhibition. YX IOT | RZX Technology's booth number at this exhibition is: 3A3 (IoT smart terminal, RFID area), new and old customers are welcome to visit our booth for negotiation.


The exhibits at the Shanghai Internet of Things Exhibition cover the perception layer, transmission layer, computing platform layer, application layer, etc., and are a complete display of the Internet of Things industry chain. The featured products of the Internet of Things at the exhibition include: RFID HF/UHF printed tags, PPS injection coins/laminated coins, NFC anti-metal adhesive labels, flexible anti-metal asset management tags, FPC/PCB mini anti-metal tags, NFC dry Wet inlays, coin cards, CPU glue cards, shielding cards and 15693 flashing light search tags/cards can be flashed according to the instructions to realize location and search management; in addition to featured products, the new laundry will also use tags as the main promotion Product display! This series of upgraded rfid flexible high temperature resistant laundry labels has high temperature and high humidity resistance, can be printed and printed, and has a wide range of applicability. Once exhibited, many new and old users became onlookers.
Of course, the new products that make people's eyes shine at the exhibition are far more than these. They are suitable for computer TV, remote control, conference and other applications. NFC projection tags and new products M730, U9, H9 series chips that can be quickly shared on the big screen RFID high frequency/UHF printing tags, PC ID cards, special material cards (wood cards, metal cards, NFC transparent cards, etc.) and other new Products will also be exhibited at this IoT exhibition. It is currently on display. You are welcome to visit and negotiate at the RZX Technology booth of YX IOT. Booth No.: 3A3

For new and old customers who cannot access the site, the exhibits of this exhibition support online and telephone reservations. Please contact the relevant sales staff and ask if you need any exhibits! There are many discounts during the exhibition, please contact us!

Exhibition information:
Exhibition Name: IOTE 2021 | The 15th International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shanghai Station
Exhibition time: April 21-23, 2021
Exhibition location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall
Booth number: 3A3


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