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New Retail

RFID jewelry management applied to new retail industry solut

Traditional retail
Throughout the management of the entire jewelry industry, most of the problems existed in the counter inventory of the monopoly point, but the current jewelry inventory work is basically completed by manual operation, and the actual situation of jewelry products is small in size and large in quantity. Inventory by the sales staff of the company has resulted in a huge time-consuming inventory work. According to data, it takes an average of five hours for an ordinary jewelry to take an inventory of the products in the store. The problem of inventory efficiency has caused each jewelry store to be unable to inventory products daily or weekly. At the same time, because jewelry is mostly high-value products, its various indicators and parameters are cumbersome and professional, and the personnel are easily lost when they are complicated, and the shopping guide cannot respond quickly. At the counter with a large number of jewelry, the work of the shopping guide will be affected. It will cause a lot of pressure and easily cause the theft of valuables. This kind of management sales method that completely relies on human experience and ability has largely restricted the business expansion and customer experience of the enterprise.
Introduction to Technical Principles

The characteristic information of the object to be identified collected through the radio frequency identification system is usually processed by middleware first, or the collected identification information is directly processed through computer information processing technology (such as database technology, etc.) and computer network technology (Intranet & Internet). Technology) Realize the integration, sharing, and long-distance transmission of information to directly serve related business application systems

Design ideas

Attach RFID tags to valuable jewelry products, and use automatic identification equipment to monitor, control and track labeled jewelry to achieve rapid inventory, real-time tracking and sales management intelligence. In this way, the all-round tracking and recording of the entry and exit of jewelry products and the sales process are carried out, and the tedious and inefficient manual management and bar code scanning mode are replaced with new methods of automation, accuracy and efficiency.

Safety monitoring system and inventory
Under safe conditions, the RFID reader can read the information of each jewelry electronic tag on the counter through the antenna. Once there is an accident, the reader will not be able to read the letter of a certain tag within a certain period of time, and it will pass through the system The alarm equipment gives the staff an alarm.

Quick settlement
When the customer purchases and settles the jewelry product, the staff will recognize the jewelry tag on the integrated reader configured at the cash register to complete the settlement. The computer at the checkout counter will display information related to the product and prompt the customer to spend the amount. After the transaction is completed, the staff confirms the completion of the sale on the computer, and the central server marks the product as sold in the database. At the same time, the counter RFID device will no longer maintain the monitoring of the device.