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Promote the construction of Qingdao's smart city and build a

Shibei District is one of the three districts in Qingdao. Shibei District is located in the south of the central part of Qingdao, adjacent to Shinan District in the south, Licang District in the north, Laoshan District in the east, and Jiaozhou Bay in the west. In 2010, Shibei District had a total area of 64 square kilometers and a population of 830,000. In recent years, relevant state departments have invested huge sums of money along railways, public transportation lines, vehicles, on-board operating equipment, stop facilities, and vehicle communication equipment, and have achieved remarkable results. The basic requirements for safe travel have been fulfilled. But we should also clearly realize that violent terrorist attacks and malicious crowding have caused frequent casualties. How to better protect the safety of important areas along the railway, severely crack down on criminals, and better maintain the safety and public order of the traffic area are issues that managers need to solve urgently.

Shibei District, Qingdao
Judging from the current prevention technology, the construction of digital high-definition video surveillance is currently one of the most effective and powerful methods. The digital video surveillance system can monitor the real-time scenes of the front-end site in all directions and all-weather, and through the intelligent analysis system, it can discover potential safety hazards in time and eliminate them in time. It can also assist the management in the on-site command of key areas, key locations and key events to prevent The occurrence of emergencies.
The rfid tag products used in this project will cooperate with the system optimization, optimization design, equipment and material supply, installation guidance, technical services, commissioning, opening, acceptance, and system integration of more than 1,000 monitoring points in the new security video of Philips. And cooperation, finished product protection, after-sales service, later 5 years of operation and maintenance and training, etc. All work content, guidance, installation, so that each system meets the requirements of standard design and acceptance, and can make the system and the entire project operate normally.
The Yongxin IoT team will summarize the construction experience of multiple safe cities, and develop an advanced, safe, stable and reliable rfid tag and management system. When designing, the overall structure of the system is planned based on the basic construction principles of advanced technology, practical system, reasonable structure, mainstream products, low cost, and low maintenance. It is believed that through the joint efforts of YIIoT and Qingdao Shibei District Development and Reform Bureau, through this project, Qingdao’s new social security prevention and control system will be improved and social management innovation will be promoted, and the integration of video surveillance resources will be strengthened. , To expand the coverage of public security prevention and control, and in-depth development of the construction and application of video surveillance in Qingdao.
As an innovator in the construction and operation of smart cities in China, Yongxin IoT has extensive experience in the field of building "safe cities". From "Safe Lijiang" to "Safe Xinjiang", Core IoT has been highly competitive in the field of "Safe City"; at the same time, Core IoT is also constantly innovating as a "Excellent Solution Provider for Smart Government Affairs in China" Significant improvement has been achieved in practice. The company has always been adhering to the concept of "building a smart city and serving a safe China". In recent years, smart city contracted projects have blossomed. With the advancement of the national pilot work, smart cities have sprung up, and the construction has entered the actual combat stage. The use of iIoT has won the bid for more than 1,000 new security video surveillance points in the northern district of the city. It is the use of iIoT to follow the safety of Lijiang, Yunnan. After the project, many safe city projects in Xinjiang, the smart city design project in Anyang, Henan, and the Lijiang smart tourism project in Guangxi, another bid-winning project in a smart city, the chip will continue to strengthen research and development, continuous innovation, and leading technical strength , A complete marketing service network and mature industrial operation provide customers with high-quality services and continuously create new brilliance.