Smart Logistics

Logistics box management


System Overview 
  Compared with the position of traditional barcodes in logistics, RFID technology has the advantages of fast recognition speed, long distance, easy damage to electronic tags, and large capacity.
Simplify the complicated work process, effectively improve the efficiency and transparency of logistics in and out of the warehouse.
   The logistics management RFID system uses an intelligent network reader with strong performance, rich functions, and flexible configuration. The reader used by Shenzhen Yongxinwulian
It will bring new breakthroughs in RFID applications in the logistics field.
System composition 
   UHF readers and antennas with stable performance and reliable reading, long-distance reading handhelds, supporting management software, special electronic tags
System flow
     Goods arrive and enter the warehouse-when the goods with electronic tags pass through the warehouse, the information of the goods will be quickly read by the reader, and the data will be transmitted to the database.
The goods are transported to the designated place by forklift or conveyor belt, and the system can realize the docking with the existing digital warehouse.
  Distribution of goods out of the warehouse-when the goods are transported out of the warehouse by a forklift or conveyor belt, the information of the goods will be quickly read by the reader, and the data will be automatically recalled from the database.
The goods can be loaded and transported, and the equipment has multiple interfaces for real-time inquiry of the goods.
System advantages
  ☆ The system uses UHF electronic tags, which have a long life and are maintenance-free. The surface of the label can also print some information about the goods;
  ☆ The system uses a multi-function reader, which has multiple transmission interfaces, which can realize wireless transmission, Bluetooth transmission and GPRS transmission of data;
  ☆ The system can realize long-distance recognition, fast and reliable reading and writing, can adapt to dynamic reading such as conveyor belt operation, and can read multiple tags quickly;
  ☆ The system can realize remote login, configuration and operation of the reader, suitable for large-scale networking applications.
Social benefit
   Completed the automatic data collection of the data of each operation link in the warehouse management, such as warehouse arrival inspection, inbound, outbound, allocating, shifting, inventory counting, etc.;


   Optimize warehouse management to supervise and track logistics boxes throughout the logistics process.