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Analysis of RFID smart asset management solutions

At the end of the year, the inventory of fixed assets of many enterprises and government agencies has been on the schedule. Fixed assets are an important part of enterprise assets, an important guarantee for the completion of production and operation tasks, and have a significant impact on the financial status of enterprises. Strengthening asset management, ensuring the integrity of assets, maintaining value, increasing value, making full use of assets, correctly accounting the quantity and value of assets, and bringing benefits to enterprises are the core objectives of fixed asset management. Due to the characteristics of high value, long service cycle and scattered use locations of fixed assets, it is not easy to achieve one-to-one correspondence between accounts, cards and objects in practical work, which brings certain difficulties to the use, supervision, alteration, replacement, depletion, inventory and cleaning of physical objects.

In the daily management process of enterprises and organs, it is easy to appear assets confusion, no one can accurately grasp the status of enterprise assets, such as assets (office computers, furniture, articles, etc.) how much? Where is it? Who uses it? Good or bad? Is the resume complete and available? Are there idle assets and repeated purchases? At present, most enterprises use Excel to manage assets, which is cumbersome and prone to errors. In addition, due to the large amount of manual inventory, time-consuming, resulting in personnel inventory is not careful, easy to perfunctory. If the enterprise has more than one subsidiary company, it is easy to cause the fixed assets between the companies to occupy each other, so that the daily management and inventory is very complicated.

RFID asset management

SZYXIOT RFID asset management label (manufacturer recommended: RFID UHF flexible anti-metal label), with RFID ultra-high frequency handheld phone, RFID intelligent inventory system, can realize the tracking of fixed assets in the whole process management of the enterprise. Solve the common phenomena of inconsistent accounts, cards and materials, improve the accuracy of asset inventory, and help customers to meet the requirements of comprehensive, precise, detailed, timely and dynamic fixed assets management.

In the process of asset management, there are always many less valuable items in the fixed assets because of low value and not entered into the account, resulting in the financial account is not true (the fixed assets in the financial account and the physical assets under administrative management are not matched). Want to solve the high cost of fixed assets management, internal asset occupation, accounting and other problems, how to do? SZYXIOT smart asset management solution can query the asset management situation of enterprises in real time. Ultra-high frequency RFID tags can be read in group at a distance to realize the rapid inventory of multiple tags. With the asset inventory system, real-time data synchronization can be achieved, making fixed capital management easier.



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