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NFC chip stickers help smartwatch health monitoring under the situation of epidemic relief

It is believed that smartwatches are no longer unfamiliar to everyone, and are widely used in the health monitoring of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and the elderly. With the extension of the time line of epidemic prevention and control, the health monitoring market of adult smartwatches has gradually become popular. In fact, as early as the early outbreak of the novel coronavirus, smartwatch manufacturers and wearable technology companies wanted to use indicators such as heart rate and blood oxygen to mark these people. Although there has been no significant initial progress, studies have shown that wearables are still an effective way to track symptoms of COVID-19.
Smartwatches, once considered by many to be less functional than mobile phones, less powerful than wristbands and less attractive than accessories, are now becoming more practical, constantly monitoring people's health information. In the post-epidemic era, people pay more and more attention to self-health monitoring and management. After being endowed with the "intelligent" attribute, the watch has virtually become a "health assistant" in People's Daily life.
As a smartwatch NFC chip paste accessories manufacturer, SZYXIOT NFC chip paste, NFC anti-metal label, micro FPC anti-metal label, NFC sticker label and various types of RFID consumer electronics label products model complete, diverse appearance, to meet the needs of various sizes of smartwatch, Besides health monitoring, smart watches can also be used in social sharing, payment, traffic, access control and other functions more easily and conveniently, so that intelligent has more possibilities.
With the progress of technology and the demand of the market, the features of smartwatch products are no longer limited to Bluetooth synchronous mobile phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, running and recording steps, remote photography, music playing and other functions, but also can monitor health conditions. It includes a variety of functions such as reminding people to sit for long periods of time and monitoring sleep/breathing rate/heart rate/body temperature/blood oxygen saturation (one of the diagnostic indicators for COVID-19 patients).
In recent years, the adult smartwatch market has been growing. It is not difficult to find from the network survey data that there are 5.38 million adult smartwatches in the smartwatch market, with a year-on-year growth of 13.3%; Children's smartwatches shipped 5.42 million units, down 7.6 percent year-on-year. Relevant data point out that Apple's new product release plays a significant driving role in adult smartwatch market.
Now, the domestic epidemic has been lifted, and with the increase of positive patients everywhere, people's demand for active health management is increasing, which promotes the new growth space for smartwatches with health monitoring function. Its main health monitoring and management function has become one of the core selling points of most smartwatches in the current market. Under the situation of epidemic relief, NFC chip stickers will help the field of health monitoring of smartwatches and contribute to the rapid development of smartwatches. More NFC chip stickers, NFC consumer electronics labels, NFC sticker labels, NFC anti-counterfeiting labels, rfid labels and other related introduction, welcome to pay attention to SZYXIOT technology exchange.



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